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There are over four hundred different species of poppy. From Prickly to Pygmy, Oriental to Opium, Celandine to Californian, Icelandic, Welsh and Nepalese; to wind poppies and tree poppies; from the hopelessly unimaginative nomenclature of the Corn poppy to the ludicrously imaginative Desert Bearpaw. There can be no species more strange however, or more likely to ignite our all too dormant British passions as that which recently bloomed so precociously across the teleboxes of the nation.

Corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas), Thasos, Greece Tü...

Corn poppy (Papaver rhoeas), Thasos, Greece Türkçe: Gelincikler (Papaver rhoeas); Thasos, Yunanistan. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Papaver rhoeas, the wartime remembrance poppy, is more commonly known as the red-flowered corn poppy but it is her ubiquitous, counterfeit cousin which excites the British public most and which has prompted this posting. Read More

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