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Olympic hopeful, David Cameron.

Below is David Cameron’s statement on the union written on the 10th Feb, 2013 as it appears on the official site of the British Prime Minister’s Office. Additional comments have been added in parenthesis where I think response is merited.

Prime Minister David Cameron:

Scotland in the UK – best of both worlds.

Next year, Scots will be asked to make a huge political decision: whether to stay in the UK or go it alone.

(The Prime Minister starts as he means to go on. The phrase ‘go it alone’ is deliberately preferred to ‘become independent’ or ‘grant themselves the right to self determination’ in order to implant fear and self doubt. There is no logical or rational reason as to why Scotland would be alone following a positive vote for independence. Cameron imagines Scotland suddenly excommunicated, or like the new kid in class, standing before his peers gazing at his shoelaces and waiting for someone to come and show him where the toilets are. Read More

Robert Burns wrote ‘The Twa Dogs’ in 1785 and in line with much of Burns’ later works, is a social satire on inequality, class and the nature of happiness. The full text of Burns’ work can be found here. The tale became a firm favourite among radical poets, especially in Ulster where it inspired Samuel Thomson’s  ‘To Allan, Damon, Sylvander and Edwin, an Eclogue’ (1799).

This page aims to grant the reader a knee high view of politics.

Luas: So Kaiser, you being the smartest of all the dogs, what’s this permissionary note the owners are getting so excited about?

Kaiser: The promissory note?

Luas: Right. ‘The Man’ calls it the permissionary note ‘cos he says he now has to ask some woman in Germany for permission to go for a piss. Read More

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