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President Obama will travel to Boston today to attend an interfaith memorial for the victims of Monday’s attack on the Boston Marathon. On Tuesday, he called the attack ‘heinous and cowardly’ and announced that the FBI were investigating an ‘act of terrorism… Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians, it is an act of terrorism’, he continued. His words were picked up by global media outlets and relayed across the world as the insatiable appetite for immediate answers or failing that, prompt suspicion saw no sign of abatement.

The children in the picture above have not been afforded the same degree of sympathy as Martin Richard, the eight year old boy, so tragically killed on Monday. At the time of this writing, the reasons for the attack in Boston and the perpetrator(s) behind the attack are not known. In Pakistan, the perpetrators are known all too well. The children photographed were killed ten days before the attack on Boston by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) piloted from the opposite side of the world from where they played, and sanctioned by the President himself. Read More

Satirical caricature of European women curious...

ca. 1815 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following on from my last blog in which I outlined the fallacy of the Chewbacca defence, I thought it best to write a little more about argumentation and the myriad fallacies that one might employ in an effort to obstruct debate or force opinion.

It is important to highlight these here as the sheer domination of fallacious reasoning within the media has led to us becoming quite blind to it’s subtlety. Besides, we are constantly reminded by the ‘No’ campaign to be wary of our hearts and vote with our heads so it is only right that I provide a little insight into dark art of dialectics.

There are two types of logical fallacy. Formal and Informal.

Formal fallacies are those arguments that can be shown to be invalid simply by looking at the structure of the argument itself. An example might go something like this. Some x are y. Some y are z. Therefore some x are z. To make sense of this, consider the following statements.

Some Tories are scoundrels.

Some scoundrels are Liberals.

Therefore, some Tories are Liberals. Read More

Kim Jong-un is coming for you… maybe.

Our all too inconspicuous leader chose to grace the workers at Thales in Govan with his presence this week. I say ‘all too inconspicuous’ because oor David has the unerring ability to turn ‘naws’ and ‘dinnae kens’ into ‘ayes’ every time he opens his splendid mouth.

He chose his latest sojourn North of the border to warn of the catastrophic cost independence would have on our safety. You see, it would appear that somewhere between alienating every friend he once had in Europe, dismantling the NHS, cutting legal aid to those most in need, taxing the disabled and hacking away at benefits as though they were bothersome leylandii, David has managed to piss on Kim Jong-un’s Cornflakes too. So enraged is the Supreme Leader in fact, that Davie has been forced to warn us all of the possibly-imminent-sometime-in-the-future-maybe, threat to us if we dare to vote ‘Yes’ next September. Read More

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