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The Swilcan Bridge spanning the burn of the same name between the first and eighteenth fairways of the Old Course at St. Andrews

Comment: Scotland’s past and the history of golf are inextricably linked but it is what we can learn of Scotland’s future from our beloved game that we must now heed. 

The game of gouff has not always enjoyed a cosy relationship with our nation’s guardians. In 1457, during the reign of James I, it was written into statute that the playing of ‘the golf be vtterly criyt done and nocht vsyt’. James II then explicitly prohibited the playing of golf once more in 1470 in order to encourage archery practice, and James III subsequently reiterated his opposition to the game in 1491.

The game survived such decrees however and the Old Course at St. Andrews, with it’s fairways shaped by grazing sheep and bunkers formed by sheltering livestock, remains the oldest continuing golf field in existence.

So what can our ancient game tell us about Scotland’s chances of securing a resounding ‘Aye’ on September 18th?

Surprisingly much as it turns out, and the news is not good. Read More

Artist: Dipayan Ghosh

Comment: Charles Saatchi’s brutish bullying must bring the necessary public response to what is all too often considered a ‘private’ matter. 

The latest report into domestic violence from the World Health Organisation (WHO) makes for grim reading. In the most wide reaching study of it’s kind, in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Medicine and the South African Medical Research Council, it is reported that 1 in 3 women are victims of sexual or physical violence, and that assault at the hands of an intimate partner or ex-partner are by far the most common.

It is not clear if Nick Clegg considers these findings to be ‘fleeting‘ or not but Dr. Margaret Chan, director general of the WHO has correctly described the findings as revealing ‘a global health problem of epidemic problems’.  Read More

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