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The definition of an optimist is someone who believes that this is the best of all possible worlds. The definition of a pessimist is someone who fears the optimist is correct.

Perspective then is a powerful tool. It was sadly lacking last Friday morning as exhausted by weeping and trembling, I found myself wandering the streets of Edinburgh once again, without an ideological roof over my head.

Like many others, I wondered what next and it seemed the answer appeared no sooner than I had begged the question. 45 groups emerged almost simultaneously from the fog of hard fought defeat. Then the 45plus. The WeAreTheFortyFive…

I have to admit to being astonished by the seemingly boundless resolve of those who had already picked up the saltire from the fallen and with all the fire of youth, threw themselves on once more. But there is a danger in cobbling something together as a reaction to events as the Vow pledged days before polling illustrated. Read More

Fuck it. Panic.

Give them more powers. Okay. Done. What powers will we give them? I don’t know. Something that sounds like they’ll have more power. Oh, but give them a timetable. Everyone likes a timetable.

One might have thought that David Cameron’s late appearance into the fray might have been the ideal moment to spell out a viable alternative to the secessionist’s vision of the future. Not so.

For all we know, the new powers to be devolved following a ‘No’ vote is a promise that Alistair Darling will agree to wash oor windaes for a week and give us all his dinner money.

He did say that if we voted ‘Yes’ on Thursday, we would wake up the next day in a different country – he neglected to say if it would be warmer there – and inadvertently convinced a million or so Doctor Who fans to jump ship to Yes and experience what it must be like to be a Time Lord.

The Prime Minister of the ‘greatest country on earth’ (sorry, Barack) arrived empty handed, of course.

The would-be Liberators filling his own back benches cannot and will not countenance any further devolvement of power and are quite frankly already more than a little pissed that all this talk of new powers for the jocks has come about without so much as a nod in their direction or a thought to how they might sell the increased burden to their own constituents.

Here then was a man, backed into a corner by the inadequacies of his cohorts, fighting for his political life. And to be fair to him, he finally displayed the oratory skills that enabled a man of such limited political ability and imagination to gain his present post. Read More

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