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Robert Burns wrote ‘The Twa Dogs’ in 1785 and in line with much of Burns’ later works, is a social satire on inequality, class and the nature of happiness. The full text of Burns’ work can be found here. The tale became a firm favourite among radical poets, especially in Ulster where it inspired Samuel Thomson’s  ‘To Allan, Damon, Sylvander and Edwin, an Eclogue’ (1799).

This page aims to grant the reader a knee high view of politics.

Luas: So Kaiser, you being the smartest of all the dogs, what’s this permissionary note the owners are getting so excited about?

Kaiser: The promissory note?

Luas: Right. ‘The Man’ calls it the permissionary note ‘cos he says he now has to ask some woman in Germany for permission to go for a piss. Read More

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